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On the lot, pay as you go credit simply means the dealership is the lender. Buy a car with our online fund locating service. We have loan, lease, and rent to own funding sources in every part of the country, Get Started now!

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There are lots of car dealers who do in-house financing that are eager to help you rebuild your bad credit and get a car loan for a used car throughout the US and Canada at rates and terms that you can afford. We partner with top car dealers that specialize in providing you with an opportunity to drive a car at an affordable price. "Buy Here Pay Here" in-house car dealer financing makes car buying easy. In-house car dealers have teamed with the national lenders to help those with bad credit get the auto financing they need. Each of our in house financing affiliate dealers have made it a priority to help people with bad or no credit get a good used vehicle. Many in house financing car dealerships take care of the financing right at the dealership. This means that they probably will not run a credit check as long as you fall within the basic requirements; you must be 18, have a job and proof of residency.

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If you have bad credit, you may be thinking of stopping by one of your local used car lots that offers in-house car financing. While this may help solve your transportation problems short term, you'll probably find yourself in the same credit situation the next time you need a car. The reason is that when you buy at an in house car dealer, you aren't establishing any credit. Start rebuilding your credit today by requesting an auto loan from our massive network of new and used car dealers who specialize in dealing with buyers with damaged or no credit.

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In-house auto financing is easier to get today than ever before. There are thousands of in-house auto dealerships that work with people with bad credit or no credit at all. It is important that you research all available sources. Do not jump at the first approval you get especially if you fear that it's the only opportunity that will become available to you. To find out more about how in house car dealer financing works check out a few of our more in depth articles about in house car dealer financing.